Verifica: "Mrs. Dalloway" e "Gita al faro"

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    Who is Clarissa Dalloway’s alter-ego in Virginia Woolf’s novel "Mrs. Dalloway"?

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    Who theorized the definition of “stream of consciousness novel”?

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    Clarissa Dalloway, in Virginia Woolf’s novel "Mrs. Dalloway", represents the social class that the author wants to criticise, which is the noble class, old fashioned and narrow-minded.

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    In "Mrs. Dalloway" time has a central part, and so Virginia Woolf makes clear the passing of time by describing the sun arising and going down.

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    Which graphic sign is used by Virginia Woolf in "Mrs. Dalloway" to mark the change from the narration to the mind of the character?

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    Which is the most autobiographical novel written by Virginia Woolf?

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    Mrs. Ramsay is the main character of the novel “To the Lighthouse”, and the narrator follows her mind for the entire book.

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    Who is Virginia Woolf’s alter-ego in the novel “To the Lighthouse”?

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    What represents Mrs. Ramsay in the novel “To the Lighthouse”?

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    In the novel “To the Lighthouse” what is for Virginia Woolf the only medium for preservation?