Esercizio sui phrasal verbs con pull, shut, make out

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    The verb “pull” has two different meanings.

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    If I say that something is like pulling teeth, I mean that is:

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    Match the sentences below with the correct phrasal verb.

    He’s very funny, he always …
    I thought to have done well the job interview, but they …
    Those guys were trying to … at the grocery, but the police arrived!
    This exam is like …
    When he said he would leave the city, he really … underneath me.
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    The general meaning of “to shut” is “to close” or “to end”.

  • 5/12

    If I want to end a process - especially of an electronic device - which phrasal verb do I use?

  • 6/12

    How many use has the phrasal verb “to make out”?

  • 7/12

    Is this sentence correct: “I’m myopic, I can’t make out if that is a shadow or a person”?

  • 8/12

    One of the meaning of “make out” is “to cook something”.

  • 9/12

    What of those meaning of “make out” is a fake one?

  • 10/12

    Translate this sentence into english: “Andy amava Jane, ma lei lo ha illuso”.

  • 11/12

    Translate this sentence in english: “John mi ha detto di star zitto, è molto maleducato”.

  • 12/12

    Translate this sentence in english: “Stiamo partendo, devo spegnere il gas”.

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